Jest is a Javascript Testing Framework and it works with projects in Typescript, React, React Native, Vue, and more.
In this article, I’ll cover how to install and configure jest in react native project.


For react-native projects created with init commands, it installs jest by default. But if your project doesn't have jest installed, then you can do it with this npm command.

npm install - save-dev jest

also, check the react-native preset in added in your package.json file

"scripts": {
"test": "jest"…

Hi folks! a few months ago I created a boombox illustration by only using CSS.

Now I am looking forward to animating it.

As I am new to animation. I researched a little and found about animate.css. I decided to use it instantly because it's pretty simple and easy. Like you animate your component with just one line of code.

So basically I wanted to animate the speakers as showing beat effect. For this, I added this class to my inner speaker div.

className="animate__animated animate__heartBeat animate__fast animate__infinite"

here I used heartBeat animation type and specifies its speed as fast for infinite time.
and here is the result

Thanks for reading and keep creating! ✨

Hi all, I was working on this illustration for a few days and now it’s completed and I am very excited to show you all.

How it started

I am an artist besides a software engineer. I am always illustrating and painting in my after office hours. So it gave me thought why…

Aneeqa Khan

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